A One-Day Transformative Workshop To Help Wild + Creative Souls BREAK FREE OF THE BULLSH*T Blocking Your Confidence, Creativity + Joy

So You Can Choose You, Trust You, Believe in You, and Actually Create the Life and Relationships of Your Dreams

The magick goes down Saturday, December 3.

It’s time to defy the voices pretending to keep you safe by keeping you small… including your own.

You are meant for bigger and greater things — magical things — and you know it.

Yet something is getting in the way of you seeing you, loving you, trusting you, and believing in you and all those big, bold, and beautiful visions singing from your soul.

Call it what you will — fear, doubt, procrastination — but the truth is that unseen programs (built from childhood rules and expectations) are impacting your ability to show up for yourself and, by extension, your creation work in this season.

So while the rest of the world chases after funnels, formulas, and fast-food fixes, I’m taking you on a different journey.

One that leads right to the center of your soul so you can see the next level of you, embrace the magick that resides there, and experience the freedom that comes from living by your own set of rules.

Because you deserve to understand and LOVE yourself with all the parts and particles of your being!

We’re gonna dive deep into your doubt, fear, resistance + wounds. But we’re also going to awaken your powers of soul, magic, intuition + creation.

I’m even breaking out the big “woo” guns to teach ya about the miracle that is your aura!

Together we’ll explore:

Identify the direction and beliefs that will empower who you are + who you want to become

Discover what your heart + soul already know to be true about you, even on your darkest days

Leverage your soul gifts to overcome the limitations crippling your muchness + magic

Actually embrace (+ transmogrify!) the mistakes, failures, and fear feeding your resistance

Rewrite your unseen rules, requirements + expectations into powerful programs for success

Walk away knowing how to:

→ See beyond the bullsh*t blocking your way
→ Trust your intuition and act upon its messages
→ Believe in yourself, your choices, your ability, and more
→ Hold through the unfolding of creation
→ And choose the best next step when it all seems to fall apart

WARNING: This ain’t yo mama’s easy-peasy workshop.

It’s a Gandalf-facing-the-Balrog, you-shall-not-pass quest for transformation where demons are faced + fears are overcome.

The Important Deets


Date: Saturday, March 19
Time: 10am to 4pm MT
Location: Zoom


→ FULL day of instruction
→ PDF guides (so you walk away with a workbook full of your breakthroughs and insights!)
→ Hands-on exercises to help you experience the shifts (not just talk about them)
→ Q&A
→ PLUS, I’ll show you how to integrate all of these things into a powerful ritual that will empower + transform.

COST: $67

Isn’t it about time YOU were the center of your undivided attention?

Head Unicorn, Master Soul Guide, and Molotov cocktail in Hello Kitty packaging.​

I teach Soul Magick to unicorns + other mystical creatures, leading them back to radical self-love and immense creation power.

Think of me as a mirror reflecting back your real truths, blocks, and pathway forward, complete with all the “whats and hows” that will help you break free of the bullsh*t suffocating your light.

I can see your soul (for realsies… it’s part of my magic).

And having traversed my own dark nights of the soul (from PTSD + trauma to the rollercoaster of creative + soul-driven entrepreneurship), I understand the fears, doubts, setbacks, and resistance we experience when we move to stand in our fullest power without holding back or hiding.

(I know you’re a mother f*cking sun trying to fit in among a sky of stars.)

I get it. I really, really do.

That’s why I CAN’T let you back down. I can’t let you play small. I can’t let you believe for another nano-second that staying where it feels safe is serving your highest call.

You are the one. The right one. The beautifully imperfect one who has the power to change the world.

I believe in you.

Loves & hugs,

You ARE magical as f*ck! Let me show you how to see through all the bullsh*t so you can set yourself free.


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