I’m so freaking excited to have you with us!!!

Welcome to MagicalAF!

Next Steps:

1. Watch your inbox​.

Besides the welcome email (already on its way) and some reminder emails, you can also expect a special bonus gift!!!

If you don’t see the welcome email within the next 2 hours, check your spam folder and then contact support (at) debbieburns (dot) me.

2. Block your calendar.

Transformation doesn’t happen without effort. I know you know this. So set aside time now for MagicalAF.

Get a sitter, notify your peeps you’re unavailable, plan for food.

Make sure you have everything you need so you can show up ready to receive and willing to be transformed.

3. Prep for magick!

To get the most out of this workshop, consider: What do you want most from MagicalAF? What are you struggling with right now? In what ways do you want to be free?

CLICK HERE and let me know.

Remember… this is a Gandalf-facing-the-Balrog you-shall-not-pass quest for transformation where action is required.

Bring a friend!

Ask yourself, “Who in my life needs help seeing their incredible worth and power right now?” Write those names down.

And then invite them to join us: www.magicalAF.me

Be the miracle in someone else’s life. All people of magick need to know we are not alone.